Elcielo Restaurant

Elcielo Washington, D.C. is located in La Cosecha in the Union Market District of NOMA.

At Elcielo Washington, D.C. We offer a fine dining tasting menu THE EXPERIENCE that is a tribute to Colombian Cuisine. Our team strives to create a unique and carefully crafted experience that taps into all your senses. The food and ambiance will transport you to the beautiful beaches of Cartagena and the mysterious corners of the Amazon jungle. The menu includes 22 courses, steps and dishes of varying size and composition as well as surprising sensory moments.

The experience menu is serving in two rooms, one little next to our open kitchen in the back side of the restaurant or in the main room located in front of the venue, where the staff will carefully explain each course.

The menu is served in the restaurant’s great hall section, and our bar features many of our signature and innovative Colombian cocktails.

You should expect whimsical experiences like our Chocola-therapy where you wash your hands with chocolate and enjoy it through all 5 senses, and signature dishes like The Tree of Life, a Yucca bread served fresh from the oven on a wire bonsai tree representing the lung of the world, the Amazon rainforest.

Enjoy a unique experience that will elevate your senses in Elcielo and taste the incredible flavor of a welcome creative cocktail.